Asterisk Plus is the main module on which all the other modules depend. This module provides basic functionality and creates the basis for further expansion.

It works on both Odoo Community Edition and Odoo Enterprise Edition and also works on (currently with some limitation due to long polling issue).

The OdooPBX Asterisk Agent is connected to this module.

Asterisk Plus

The main module


Asterisk PBX connector 

Connects Odoo & Asterisk in bi-directional way

 Click to call

Click to call from Partner form.

 Call history

Partners calls history with consolidation on parent company with grouping by partner employees.

 Call monitor 

Listen to active calls in real time (spy, whisper, barge modes).

 Partner form open 

Automatic opening of caller partner form on incoming call.

 Call recording

Call recording, sharing and discussion.

 Connect to manager

Get caller's salesperson SIP channel and connect customers directly to their managers.

 CallerID name set  

Set phone's caller ID name from Odoo partners database.

More to come... ;-)