Fast Start: get onboard

For those companies that do not have their own resources to install all the necessary packages, or those who want to get a turnkey installation from the developer as quickly as possible, we offer a special "Fast Start" service.

We will not only carry out the installation and initial configuration ourselves, but also provide basic training on how to use the product.

The cost of the service is determined in the process of analyzing the requirements of the Customer, but basically we do the following:

  • Install Asterisk Plus modules into Odoo;
  • Install OdooPBX Agent into Asterisk;
  • Configure the Agent;
  • Change the default passwords (Asterisk Odoo account and Salt API);
  • Configure 1 SIP trunk and 2 SIP users (if don't exist) and make a few test calls to check:
    • call history
    • call recordings
    • users-calls matching. 
  • A meeting with customer with screencast to introduce OdooPBX features:
    • PBX user configuration;
    • Partner click-to-call;
    • Call popup;
    • Open parter form
    • Partner's calls and partner's recordings;
    • Match open lead / task / sale order (upon customer choice)
    • Recordings library.

The cost of the Fast Start service is fixed and does not depend on the time spent only on works included in the package.

Note: PBX logic configuration is not by default included in the FastStart service. If an additional PBX logic configuration is requested, it will be charged at a per hour rate.

Contact us for details.