Asterisk Common 11.0

Click2dial, set callerid name and more...

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    Asterisk Apps Connector

    Connect your Asterisk to Odoo in the right way!



    • Odoo open source, enterprise and supported.
    • Click to call from Partner form.
    • Set phone's caller ID name from Odoo partners database.
    • Normalize your phone numbers database!
    • Get caller's salesperson SIP channel and connect customers directly to their managers.
    • Organize differentiated telephone customer service by quering customer tags from Asterisk dialplan (e.g. put VIP customers in the VIP queue or in first place).
    • Protect your Asterisk! The Agent acts as a shield for your Asterisk server.
    • Asterisk support is available. See Support section below.
    • More features coming...
    • Custom development available.


    For documentation and support visit


    Demo server is available here:

    You can add your mobile number to Odoo contact and dial +442045770408 from your mobile phone and see this in action in Active Calls menu. You will see how Odoo matched your contact and opened the partner form.

    You can connect your SIP phones and trunks to make real calls. Please contact for individual demo setup.

    Please note that demo is re-created every night so your test calls and data is removed.


    Click to dial

    Click on partner's number to dial.

    When phone auto-answering is correctly set user's phone is answered automatically and call progress can be heard from phone's speaker.

    User map

    Define a map of your Odoo users and Asterisk users so that calls can be matched.

    Using this map Odoo can known what extenion to originate when user clicks a number to dial.

    Ping Asterisk agent and keep connection history

    Check and monitor your Asterisk server connectivity.

    Agent events

    Define Asterisk events that are handled in Odoo.


    Define your Asterisk server dialing rules so that click2dial numbers are send correctly.

    If your phone numbers are a mess - use re-format button to make them one standard!

    Agent security

    The Asterisk connector defends your Asterisk server!

    When a hacker tries to guess your users's accounts he is blocked immediately.

    No need to install & configure fail2ban system as this is a builtin functionality of the Asterisk connector.

    Check other Asterisk related modules

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    Bugs, feature requests

    For community support and documentation please visit

    For bugs and feature requests please submit a request here:


    Asterisk / FreePBX support

    This module requires a running Astrerisk instance.
    Network connection between Asterisk and Odoo instance is required.
    Please refer to Asterisk documentaion for Asterisk configuration.

    If you are a novice in Asterisk/FreePBX and do not know how to complete Asterisk part of installation you can request paid support to help you setup your PBX. Please submit a request to

    Asterisk! Enjoy with Odoo!

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