Freepbx Contacts 11.0

Sync contacts from Odoo to your FreePBX server

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    FreePBX contact manager sync.



    • Sync contacts from Odoo to FreePBX.
    • Update your FreePBX contacts regulary from Odoo.
    • Easy installation.
    • Automatic initialization of configuration.


    • Install Odoo module freepbx_contacts. Restart Odoo.
    • Login into your FreePBX server. Go the folder where you want to put the script. For example, /opt/odoo_sync. Below you can find the installation session:

                    mkdir /opt/odoo_sync
                    cd /opt/odoo_sync
                    # Install dependencies
                    pip install mysql-connector-python
                    # Download odoo script and make it executable. Replace your.odoo.server to your data.
                    curl -v http://your.odoo.server/freepbx_contacts/static/files/ >
                    chmod +x
                    # Initialize and download config file.
                    curl -v http://your.odoo.server/freepbx_contacts/init_cfg > odoo_sync.cfg
                    # Edit odoo_sync.cfg and adjust your local settings if required.
                    # Run the script to test it. No output means all is fine.
                    python ./
      Decide how often you want to sync your partners to FreePBX and create a cron job for this. For example this will call sync script every hour:
                    echo '0 * * * * (cd /opt/odoo_sync && /opt/odoo_sync/' | crontab -u root -
      Warning! This will overwrite your root crontab. If you have existing crontab edit it manually with crontab -e.

      If you are not able to serve a single db using database of dbfilter then you need to create odoo_sync.cfg manually. Here is an example:


      Do not forget to add freepbx.token System Parameter (see below).


    How to reset authentication token?
    The auth token is stored in Technical -> System Parameters under freepbx.token param. You can change it there and also update your odoo_sync.cfg file on your FreePBX server.

    My odoo_sync.cfg file contains 403 Forbidden Already initialized!
    This is because you already used init procedure. In order to generate a config file remove freepbx.token param from Technical -> System Parameters and call init_cfg URL again (see the Installation section above).

    If you get:

              /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/requests/ RequestsDependencyWarning: urllib3 (1.22) or 
              chardet (2.2.1) doesn't match a supported version!
    then upgrade requests library:
              pip install --upgrade requests


    For support and communication please visit forum and ask questions there.

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