Modules installation

Odoo modules post-sale support

If You have issues installing or configuring our modules you can apply to free support here.

Asterisk PBX configuration

We are a team of certified Asterisk gurus with more then 15 years of experience in the voice-over-IP field.

You can either use our help when faced with  problems or challenges, or completely give us  to rule all your phone issues.

No Subscription

€ 0 .00

/ month
  • € 100  for the 1-st hour.
  • € 100  for all next hours.
  • Use this if you just want us to do one time job like installing and configuring the Agent for the 1-st time.


50 .00

/ month
  • Your Asterisk PBX server. 
  • € 75 / extra hour.
  • Real-time chat support.


 100 .00

/ month
  • We host your Asterisk PBX server. 
  • € 50 / extra hour.
  • Call us directly with a SIP extension. 

Benefits of subscription

Save money

One free support hour every month and advantageous per hour rate.

Real time communications

We create a private chat group with our project manager & VoIP engineers and communicate there.

Save time

When You subscribe Your are billed once per month automatically no need to waste time to pay the small monthly invoices.


You know for sure that if you get any phone network related issue it will be solved in the shortest possible time.

Hosted Asterisk PBX server

Don't have your own Asterisk server?

Get a hosted Asterisk deployed by us for your safety and convenience.

No artificial restrictions on the number of users or features.

Capable for 100 simultaneous calls.