Partner program

Start expanding your business through the OdooPBX

Benefits for partners

  • Partners are listed in our Partners directory.
  • Direct connection to the OdooPBX developers and dCAP certified Asterisk experts.
  • Lowest rate on PBX configuration service.
  • Access to the Partner group chat.
  • Special rates for PBX training and custom development.

Prices for Partners


  • OdooPBX Learning Partner €250/month or €2,500/year

  • OdooPBX Ready Partner €500/month or €5,000/year

  • OdooPBX VIP Partner €1000/month or €10,000/year

Pay as you go services

  • PBX Configuration €50 / hour

  • Custom Odoo development €400 / day

Learning Partner

Offers Odoo integration services for OdooPBX users.

250 EUR / month

2500 EUR / year

Ready Partner

Ready Partners are also Asterisk experts who can also offer PBX configuration services. OdooPBX Users can request from them any help related to Asterisk like office phones installations, or local phone network integration.

500 EUR / month

5000 EUR / year

VIP Partner

OdooPBX VIP Partners get primary support and attention by the OdooPBX core development team.

1000 EUR / month

10000 EUR / year


After you submit your payment for the subscription you are registered in our customer support portal by the email address you enter during the payment process. Check your mail with access information when the subscription process is done. 

OdooPBX Partners are supposed to have enough expertise to do most of the tasks related to OdooPBX installation, configuration & operation. So OdooPBX Partner is expected to provide the first line support to a company using OdooPBX instance.

However, in cases where the Partner cannot solve the problem on their own, they can turn to us for help, and we will do everything in our power to solve the problem.

We will not charge the Partner for this kind of job.

Instead, we will analyse the cause of the failure, the solution found, add this information to the Partner knowledge base, and share this information with other Partners so that everyone can learn and increase their level of expertise.

PBX Training happens when Partner has not enough Asterisk knowledge to fulfil his customer request and asks our support engineer to remotely access customer's PBX assist. 

There should not be cases where under free partner support agreement we implement PBX programming for partner's customers. 

PBX Partners must be Asterisk PBX experts.

Often customers require some customisation or additional integration. Though we encourage everyone to dive into the magic world of Odoo & Asterisk, we admit that some Partners mainly focus on VoIP rather than Odoo development. 
Here we offer two options.

  • When customisation is related to PBX business logic we are happy implement the required features. We try to deliver the result in the shortest possible time. We do it by delegating the full developer day for development and transfer of results. We don't count hours, we count days. This approach forces everyone to get together for a short time to gather requirements, do development and tests iterations as quickly as possible.
  • When customisation is related to other Odoo modules we mainly pass this projects to the nearest Odoo Partner who focuses on Odoo integration services. We don't stay in the middle but we do try to ensure that everyone is happy in the end.