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Odoo PBX is a deep integration of Asterisk (the most popular Open Source IP PBX in the world and accounts for 20% of all PBX installations in the world) and Odoo ERP - one of the best Open Source Business Platform.

We are launching a Partner program and offer 30% flat commission for every subscription.

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​Benefits of reselling Odoo PBX for your Business

  • Bring additional value to existing customers - save time due to call history, tracking and monitoring inside Odoo.
  • Increase your profits by getting commission from monthly subscriptions on PBX users & Phone users or receiving a one-time commission from sale of unlimited licenses.
  • Receiving commission from additional services (Call Summary).
  • Though we don’t offer Odoo integration, you can easily expand your portfolio by reselling our expertise of certified Asterisk specialists with 20 years of experience - we act like subcontractors and set up telephony for your clients. 

​Quick facts for your End Users emphasizing business value OdooPBX brings

  • It takes about 8 seconds to dial a number.
  • It takes an average of 18 dials to connect with a prospect.
  • 80% of sales require five follow-up calls.
  • Average Talk Time for sales calls is 6 minutes.
  • A B2B salesperson makes 35 calls per day. 
  • The After Call Work (ACW) is between 45 - 60 seconds. 
  • A study from 2018 shows that sales reps dedicate 35.2% of their time to actual sales, while 64.8% is spent on non-revenue-generating activities. 
  • Investing $1 in CRM related solutions can yield up to $8.71 in returns - ROI of 771% .

​Support and guarantees

  • We support your clients directly using Intercom live chat which leads to Immediate Assistance, Personalized Experience and Proactive Support.
  • We provide a Demo instance for show cases - Login: admin, PWD: demo.

How billing and payments are made

  • We use Rewardful for Transparent accounting - Partner sees subscribed clients and their payments.
  • The Partner installs our software for the client and enters his partner code.
  • All customer payments for subscriptions are automatically taken into account in our billing, and each month are paid to Partners in form of commission if the amount of it reaches 200 euros.

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