What is OdooPBX

Main OdooPBX features

  • Asterisk telephony connector to CRM and other Odoo apps.
  • One click calling from Odoo apps.
  • Call tracking and analytics.
  • Linking calls to customer's records (leads, sale orders, invoices, tasks, tickets) automatically.
  • Call recording, sharing and discussion.
  • Simple live calls monitoring.
  • AI generated call summary.

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Watch this demo video to get look & feel of the OdooPBX in action.

Try OdooPBX for 14 days for free

Get the Asterisk Plus module  from the Odoo market and get a trial subscription there.

Using the trial subscription can connect Asterisk Plus module to your own PBX server and use all features without any restrictions during 14 days.

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Telephony inside Odoo 

Deep integration with main apps

Phone calls are attached to the business records where they happen, be it a CRM lead, sales order, project task, helpdesk ticket, HR job application, or any other business process record.

One click dialing now saves a huge amount of time that was previously spent manually dialing a number or looking up a customer's phone number.

Every business record now has its own phone calls history including recorded calls and AI generated call summary. 

AI revolution is here!

This was not possible before.

But today, you have the opportunity to get a digital assistant that will listen to every phone conversation with customers, analyze it and automatically create:

  •  a summary of the conversation
  • its emotional component
  • and warn managers in case of problems.

With the help of a digital assistant, you have full control over all communications that are carried out on behalf of your company.

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Sales assistance

  • See what deals are being talked about.
  • Listen to what your salespeople are saying.
  • Whisper to salespeople and give them advice during the conversation.
  • Barge into the conversation and communicate with the client and the seller at the same time.

All this directly from your Odoo in one click.

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Add On Services

Jumpstart Onboarding

We can help to deply OdooPBX and train how to get most of it. 

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Managed PBX

We can deploy and run a fully managed PBX for your company.

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