Call Tracking

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is a marketing analytics technology that allows businesses to track the source and details of phone calls made to their organization. Call tracking involves assigning a unique phone number to each marketing campaign, which enables businesses to track which campaigns are generating the most phone calls, as well as other metrics such as call duration, call quality, and caller demographics.

By using call tracking, businesses can gain valuable insights into which marketing channels are driving the most leads and sales, and can use this information to optimize their marketing campaigns and improve their return on investment (ROI). Call tracking can also help businesses improve their customer service by allowing them to monitor and analyze phone calls for quality and training purposes.

What tasks call tracking solves?

Understanding of ads that drive calls

Exclude the blind spot in analytics reports. Make decisions based on complete data, including statistics on calls.

Optimization of marketing costs

The most interested customers are the ones who make calls. Find out ads that drive exactly these customers, and allocate the budget based on this data.

Understanding of how sales reps process requests

Track the number of missed and targeted calls in call tracking reports. It will be your indisputable argument in the eternal conflict of marketing and sales.

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