A WebRTC SIP phone

built in Odoo


  • True one click dialing experience.
  • Fast contact search and dial.
  • Multi tab browser support.
  • Easy contact creation.
  • Ringing volume control and mute.
  • Favorite contacts.
  • Recent Calls.
  • Floating widget position.


Second is time to 
set up a sales call
Second is average 
After Call WorK (ACW)
Of work time Sales Manager 
is making calls  
Return on Investment 
in your CRM system


One-Click Calling

Initiate calls directly from any partner's contact form, such as leads, streamlining communication and boosting efficiency.

Call Recordings Archive

Store and retrieve call recordings from a secure archive for reliable reference.

Partner's Call History

Easily access and review a detailed history of all calls associated with a partner.

ChatGPT Call Summary

Get accurate transcriptions complemented by concise ChatGPT-generated summaries.

Partner Form Quick Open

On receiving a call, the associated partner's form automatically pops up, providing immediate context.

Call Sharing & Discussion

Share calls with team members and engage in productive discussions.

Multi tab ready

All browser tabs share one phone state. Only one ring on incoming call. Answer / hangup calls from any tab. New tab also takes the state.

Call Actions

Trigger specific Odoo actions directly from calls, enhancing workflow and ensuring timely tasks.