Our mission

Odoo is an amazing WEB development platform that allows you to quickly create large applications, define business logic, and make reliable updates.

Odoo also contains a large number of out-of-the-box business applications that are just waiting to be integrated with communications.

We've been exploring Odoo as a platform for building telecom applications for more than 5 years, and we're going to continue to do so.

This is what we are going to do:

  • Contribute to the OdooPBX development and coordinate this process.
  • Create and manage OdooPBX documentation.
  • Establish and support OdooPBX community.
  • Create and manage OdooPBX apps marketplace.
  • Provide exceptional quality support for users and partners.
  • Create a bridge between Asterisk newcomers coming into the Odoo world and Odoo partners around the world.