Our team

Max Litnitskiy

Founder, CEO & CTO

Max is the driving force behind the project. As he says, his life is devoted to service to beauty, goodness and truth. Read the history of OdooPBX told by Max.

Alex Litnitskiy

Asterisk dCAP certified, Salt master

Alex loves taking on challenges. With his multi-year experience as Asterisk Guru & Salt master, Alex has helped to get the OdooPBX Agent middleware where it is today. 

Andro Chvertkini

OdooPBX Developer

Andro is the first OdooPBX developer in the world :-) When he joined our team he was a Odoo junior who suddenly realised himself to be able to create telephony applications.

Mihail Komov

VoIP and DevOps engineer

Mihail is a dCAP certified Asterisk engineer with many years of VoIP experience. He joined our team in 2010 and is very valuable contributor, tester and VoIP troubleshooter. Mihail dreams about becoming a senior Odoo developer ;-)

Nikolay Postica

Odoo/JS/OWL/React/WebRTC developer

Nikolay migrated from Django to Odoo and was quite inspired by the framework. One day he met Max and got inspired by the Asterisk PBX. Now Nikolay focus is Odoo & WebRTC union.

May be you?

Join the OdooPBX team!

If you are an Odoo developer with some Asterisk knowledge and feel excited about the OdooPBX project why not join us? Get in contact and send your request.